Were You Poisoned?
The scene above looks pristine, inviting, safe.  But is it?  

The poisons seeping into your life from a multitude of sources do not have to be obvious.  But in a growing number of locations they are present.

Your neighborhood can look pristine, inviting, clean, but still harbor enough polluting presence to destroy the health of those you love. 

This site is your tool for the unadulterated truth on risks you may well be struggling with as health problems, never imagining the cause.  

You do not have to be paranoid to be worried about the impact on yourself and your family from the tens of thousands of sources of toxic waste which have gone so far toward destroying our lives.  

Action begins with a realistic understanding of the risks you face and what you can expect.  We can help you get the information you need so you can take the next steps.  That may be a law suit.  It may be using the alternatives for health which many believe aid in recovery.  

We'll provide information on those issues, too.  But first you need the information and that starts with reading the material we provide and filling out our Tox Profile Form.  It's your life.  Think about what you can expect if you do nothing. These poisons could be making millions of people sick. You could also be a victim.

For solutions and remedies to some of the chemicals that could be making you sick, see our Toxics Page with regional maps and case studies for the worst pollutants.
Many chronic diseases are the result of environmental factors not just heredity.

This is your chance to find out if you have been poisoned by your environment and how your health might have been impacted!

For just $50 we will prepare a customized report for you for any location you choose. We will determine your potential exposures to pollution in the air, water and soil and assess your risks of developing specific chronic diseases.

If you prefer, for $200 you could combine five former or future homes and workplaces to complete a lifetime profile of your toxic exposures.

Armed with this information, you will be able to discuss with your doctor, appropriate tests, early diagnosis and treatment of particular cancers or other chronic conditions.

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