Three private, religious, charity organizations appear to control the bulk of the Federal Grants related to the detention and relocation of immigrant children and their families on our southern border.   These grants for SOUTHWEST KEY PROGRAMS (SW KEY), BAPTISTS CHILDREN’S AND FAMILIES SERVICES (BCFS) and BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES (BCS) have amounted to more than $3.2 billion in the last 5 years. At least another $1.1 billion has been requested as part of the 2019 budget. For this level of government support you might expect that checks and balances and Federal oversight would be in place to prevent abuse, but you would be wrong. These organizations have gamed the system and turned it into a gold rush on the backs of separated children and unfortunate families. Along the way they have managed to hide their activities in secrecy and some warped notion that they must be doing good because of their pure and wholesome ideologies.   

While these local charities each began small, they have branched out to cover much of the US and they have diversified to own and or manage many of the facilities and services which the government needs to perpetuate its child separation policies.  It is Ironic that while all three organizations pretend to oppose these inhumane policies, they have profited remarkedly from their implementation and as this review shows, they stand to continue to profit greatly from its implementation now and into the future.

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