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Lincoln’s Risk Registry identifies the greatest environmental and health threats in each community and political district in North America by integrating historical pollution records with health and mortality data. We then pinpoint Potentially Responsible Parties or agencies causing the problems through neglect or malfeasance. Our tools also quantify risks of natural and potentially manmade disasters by mapping infrastructure and pollution sources in every neighborhood. At the US-Mexico border, it became clear that the greatest health threats were coming from historic pollution and neglect at Military installations and Immigration detention facilities. We modified a crises management, communications network which records, analyzes and connects those exposed to these types of abuses in real time. We plan to utilize this cutting-edge geographic information system to Re-unite Latin American families in the US, Mexico and throughout Central America.


                Main Objectives

  1. Reconnect Latin American Families with Their Children and Relatives Wherever They Are Located.
  2. Become a Magnet for All PUBLIC Information About US Border, Latin American Refugees Regardless of Source.
  3. Become A Megaphone and TV Channel for Latin American Refugees to tell their stories and connect with their Relatives Anywhere.
  4. Offer A Safe and Secure Place to Gather for All Those Involved in The Refugee Crisis
  5. Establish Volunteer Headquarters as Primary Points of Contact for Relatives, Social Workers, Media, Lawyers, Counselors etc. 

WE Believe:

  1. Separating Children from Their Parents Is Inhumane, Dangerous and Unnecessary.
  2. Knowing Where Each of the Children and Parents Are Will Help Ease the Burden for Everyone.
  3. Being Able to Communicate, Exchange Info, Pictures and Video Will Facilitate the Reuniting of These Families especially as they are moved around.
  4. Latin American Refugees and Their Relatives Are Already in Touch with Someone!
  5. We Can Voluntarily Capture, Enhance, Organize and Relay Those Connections to Loved Ones.
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