USGS  Publication Date2022-06-03


Belair, G.M., Jones, E.S., Slaughter, S.L., and Mirus, B.B., 2022, Landslide Inventories across the United States version 2: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This project compiled data on landslide occurrence within the U.S. into a searchable, web-based map interface that can be used by researchers, emergency planners, and the public. This interface enhances access to landslide information and facilitates future integration of other interdisciplinary spatial data into national scale risk assessment products.


Landslides are damaging and deadly, and they occur in every U.S. state...The purpose of this data release is to provide an openly accessible, centralized map of existing information on landslide occurrence across the entire U.S. The data release includes digital inventories created by both USGS and non-USGS authors. It provides an integrated database of all the landslides with a selection of uniform attributes, but also includes links to the original digital inventory files (whenever available)...Further details about each landslide and more recent information (when it exists) can be accessed by clicking the “InventoryURL” attribute link to the original source information. Relative to the initial data release (version 1), this update (version 2) includes more inventories, updated confidence rules, and a new classification attribute.